Coffee Shoppin’ – NFT Blending Game

Get excited! Coffee shoppin’ is here!

Curious what an NFT blend is? Never tried one before? Just want to make a cup of joe for fun? This is a free “game” to learn or practice WAX NFT blending.

View on Atomic Hub!

Cappuccino Update is here!

Find out more below!

What to know before you play:

  • Have a basic understanding of NFTs [We have a help section for that]
  • A basic understanding of NFT blending [Help from NEFTY]
    • You will burn(lose forever!) the NFTs you put into the NFT blender, and in return, receive a new one. This is a big reason this collection was made. It’s better to mess up with these NFTs than irreplaceable ones. Technically each NFT burned is irreplaceable and gone forever, but we’ll get into that in the help section of the site.
  • The collection is technically named “coffeeshopin” due to a limitation of 12 characters. If you’re searching for it on Atomic or Nefty, use that spelling.

How to play:

Acquire some “coffeeshopin” NFTs

Hang around BananoTime! to get supply drops! These will be given out for free. You can also get quarters for the game here or here if you want to support the collection. If you’d like to start playing the Cappuccino update, you can exchange Quarters for Cappuccino Quarters here.


Why are quarters important? With quarters, you can either combine 4 to get a dollar, or try out a NEFTY Super Blend [?] and get a coffee making component like the filters or water needed to make coffee.

Quarters can now be exchanged for Cappuccino Quarters! Use them for either basic Cappuccino supplies, or to make a Cappuccino Dollar!


Dollars can be used in a Super Blend [?] to get one of the 3 more sophisticated/expensive components to make coffee. Such as the machine or actual coffee beans.

Cappuccino Dollars now available! Works the same as the original Dollar, only with Cappuccino supplies instead of regular coffee supplies.

Start blending!

Click here to see what you can blend together (This is where you can mix things like coffee beans and a grinder to get ground coffee)

Click here to see the Super Blends (This is where you can use dollars/quarters you’ve obtained to exchange for supplies)

Have Fun!

Here’s a quick view of that Cappuccino update: