BT! Minecraft Bedrock realm update!

The bedrock server is getting a fresh start. I’ve already hidden some banano and NFTs in the world. This one was started in 1.17, vs the last, which was started in 1.16.

What are you looking for?




So if you own Minecraft for windows 10, PS4, Xbox, or android, you can play on this server!

Invite code to play in the realm: iEbroDGzv-g

Come check it out and get some loot!

Edit: For now the servers have been shut down. There’s not enough activity to justify running them. Downloadable worlds or some other alternative might become available in the future

Featured artists

Now introducing our featured artists. BT! wouldn’t be possible without the community! These are some artists that have contributed to BT! NFTs! Most of the art you see is something the community sent in and MrNoSock then animates. Reddy almost always does the music if there is any. Please visit this page of the site for more info!