BT!(BananoTime!) is like a resource for learning about crypto. We are separate from the people that made banano! We don’t encourage you to spend any money or computing power on crypto either. We’ll try to make it so that we teach about the tools on how, but please don’t misunderstand that as like encouragement to buy/mine/Fold anything. Always do your own research and don’t listen to internet strangers when it comes to your financial decisions. Nothing here should be considered financial/legal advice. BT! only encourages moral and legal activities!

Our Mission Statment:

BananoTime! is a fun community project dedicated to helping educate people on crypto, both technically and ethically. To maintain the highest standards, BananoTime! will remain free in every regard for the lifetime of the project. We also believe in a friendly and welcoming PG – PG-13 environment that’s non-hateful and accepting of all 😀


  • What is BananoTime!? – It’s just a silly group attempting to help people trying to learn about crypto.
  • Price? – Always free 😀 Yes, even the NFTs!
  • What is banano? – A simple crypto that’s easy to start out with. There are no gas fees and the transaction is next to instant.
  • Why banano? – The feeless transfers is one of the biggest reasons why. That allows us to introduce people to crypto without wasting a lot of what we intent to hand out.

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I started helping MrNoSock in early 2021 after finding Banano and ultimately BananoTime! His goal is to help educate new people in the world of Crypto and it seemed like a lot of fun so I decided to join him on his journey. In 2012 I started to invest in the Stock Market and after spending a lot of time learning everything I could, I found that I really enjoyed educating others along the way. At the start of 2020 I took the dive into learning about Crypto realizing it was here to stay and I wanted to know what it was all about. Now I will share what I have learned with others looking to get started in Crypto. Recently I read a book by Professor Feynman and would recommend everyone to check him out because he has an interesting perspective on education; understand, don’t memorize.

Other notable names: Jenn, Truffles, IronBravos

(Any past members that would like to be listed here! Please contact MrNoSock!)