BT! Early September Update

Made in Unreal Engine, this video game is going to knock some “Socks” off! Also probably going to use lots of blender too.

Are you excited to save the world from an evil swarm of bananas? Banana video game is in development. It’s still in it’s early stages, but it’s going to be a lot of fun :D. Or it’s been fun to make so far. Anyway, follow us on the subreddit, or Discord to find out more and how to beta test it :D. There’s also a link on the homepage to it!

An actual BananoTime! newsletter got sent out! That’s been on the docket forever. Technically it’s not our first, but it had like a free NFT you could claim and stuff for a big group. It was a lot easier to get everyone NFTs when it was only like a dozen or two names on the list. BT! is still slowly growing!!!

Space monkeys is still going! We’re about to launch our first monkey into space!

Website has gotten some tweaks and improvements. The learn section needs pictures and probably a couple revisions, but it’s up and someone somewhere might find it useful.

MineCraft sever is still planned 😀

At the time of writing this we have 800 subscribers on r/BananoTime, 200 at r/BananoShow. Like even. It adds up to 1,000! It doesn’t mean anything, but I find it cool!

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