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Welcome to BananoTime! 😀 Our main goal is to help newbies learn the basics of crypto. BT!(Short for BananoTime!) is meant to be fun, games, and learning about crypto. BT! does not plan to commercialize, ever. Banano was chosen as the crypto we use to introduce people to crypto because it is easy enough to learn about and is distributed initially for free. So it’s not too hard to get some to learn with. Also, please note, we are not affiliated with the team that made the coin, but fans of the coin 😀 Here we hope to teach you about basics of how to do things like make a wallet or make transactions in a practice/safe environment. If you lose a few banano, the world will most definitely keep turning. Fun Fact: Bananos are burned on purpose! Don’t know what “burning” means? You’re in the right place! We hope to help with all the newbie stuff and even eventually have resources on how to do more advanced crypto stuff like “smart contracts”. It should be fun too! That does mean we’ll focus on other cryptos beyond banano, but all the intro stuff will be covered for banano and we’ll keep making the free WAX NFTs for the community. (NFTs are like digital trading cards/art that work on crypto) So you’ll get some cool stuff along the way if you want to stay awhile and check out what BT! and the BT! community has to offer! 😀

BananoTime! is also a fan of the fork of Banano(Ananos), and its fork(Manangos.) To see their communities, simply go to their discords, reachable from the linked websites. These also work as good introductory coins for people to learn with.